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good morning, america. and this morning, breaking news. is rupert murdoch about to step aside to save his massive empire? w clues to what's next for a dynasty on the brink of disaster on his critical day on the hot seat. a huge dust storm blankets the southwest as those record-breaking temperatures only get warmer. some homes so hot this morning, they are setting up smoke detectors. millionaire murder mystery. two shocking deaths at the mansion of a wealthy businessman. how did his son and his girlfriend die in bizarre circumstances within days of each other? new details inside the police investigation. and the superstar wedding crasher. >> oh, my god, it's justin bieber.
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oh, my god! >> what would you do if justin bieber crashed your wedding, the big day, without an invite. the couple with the wedding video everybody is talking about join us here on "gma." good morning, everyone. george is enjoying a little break with the family and our family member, david muir, is back with us. >> crashing your party. >> justin bieber, david muir, the same thing. >> not quite the same thing. >> it is. >> nonetheless. same thing. >> how about this extreme weather? >> really something, these pictures coming in. >> from phoenix blowing in last night going through right there. that dust storm and then these temperatures all -- the majority of the country feeling it, david. >> smoke alarms going off because of the heat then alarms going off here, these are different kinds as team usa is in the house. look at them just arriving moments ago.
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what a homecoming. >> we're going to really celebrate with them coming up. love to see them here in times square on our home turf. we'll begin with the high-stakes drama unfolding as we come on the air in that phone hacking scandal engulfing rupert murdoch's media empire. murdoch, his son james and former top lieutenant rebekah brooks arrested all set to face what may be their toughest day yet in the scandal. jeffrey kofman has been following the latest and has new developments. jeffrey, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you, david. that's right. rupert murdoch and his son james arrived at the british parliament moments ago facing a crush of cameras and a throng of people. the headline this morning, reports that murdoch may actually step down from the helm of news corporation as this crisis threatens to destroy a $33 billion global empire. for this family, everything is at stake. the global media empire rupert murdoch built and his dreams of
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handing it over to his children. today for the first time since the scandal broke here they will answer questions publicly before british politicians. it is must see tv around the world. a media dynasty on the brink. >> if you look at murdoch and i've looked at him for many, many years, he's a man that knows what's going on in his company. today we want to know when did you know, when did james know. >> reporter: what did murdoch and his son know about the alleged widespread criminal activity at "news of the world." did they use the power of their papers to squash efforts to investigate. james, who was to succeed his father, is now almost certainly sidelined. he's admitted paying more than a million dollars in hush money to two victims of phone hacking. why was it worth so much money to them? >> is it because he knew that actually there had been vast amount of criminality in his newspaper and he wanted to cover it up? >> reporter: we'll hear from rebekah brooks, murdoch's loyal
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lieutenant. mysteriously police found a laptop and papers belonging to her husband in the trash of a car parked near her home yesterday. the contents are now being investigated. the scandal has los alamos also claimed the head of the company that owns "the wall street journal" and the head of scotland yard uncomfortably close to the british prime minister cutting a trip short to south africa putting his job on the line. murdoch's biggest assets are in the u.s. you know them well, twentieth century fox, "the wall street journal," the fox networks, the company could be broken up and if criminality is found it could lose its broadcast licenses. there really is an empire at stake here. david? >> jeffrey kofman starting us off in london. i want to bring in dan abrams this morning. dan, always good to see you. >> good morning. >> you know, jeffrey points out the empire is huge and not only newspapers overseas but here, as
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well, everything from "american idol." how carefully will he choose his words? can anything he says be held against him? >> it's crucial and i'm sure he's been prepped for this. expect that, of course, he's going to say he didn't have any knowledge of what was happening. but still how he answers these questions are going to be important. how respectful is he? does he recognize how serious this is and, of course, all of the members of parliament or at least some of them are going to want to do finger wagging at him so they can publicly say that they are taking this incredibly serious. >> the finger wagging famous across the pond but back here almost unthinkable a week ago that his own corporation would be considering, considering replacing him based on his performance. >> they have to make it seem like they get it. they have to make it seem like they understand that this is really serious and if this gets out of hand, we would even consider this. so i think that while i'm
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certain this is real, it's also a matter of public relations, i think, to make the world feel that news corp gets it, that they get how serious this is. >> dan, just how long before there's concern over criminal liability here? >> question one is was there any hacking done on u.s. soil? that would be a real concern and, secondly, also federal law which says if you're a company and you're bribing foreign officials, you could be in legal risk, as well. >> just the beginning. dan abrams, thanks so much, robin? >> all right. it's been another 24 hours of extreme and intense weather in this country. abc's matt gutman has been tracking the latest from oklahoma city. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. and already 81 degrees in oklahoma city and temperatures are set to soar past the 100s for the 23rd straight day. i want to show you how hot it's been here. these are one-ton cement slab,
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they were lifted right out of the street and buckled. just one of the unusual phenomenon we're seeing because of this massive heat zone. imagine coming face to face with this in your rush hour commute. in phoenix a massive wall of dust 3,000 feet high known as a haboob. it blanketed the city grounding flights in a sea of brown haze. move farther east and the trouble isn't dust but dangerous record-breaking heat. 20 states under heat warnings or advisories, we used this infrared thermometer to show just how hot it is along the texas/oklahoma border. football is king in the center of the country but let's say you want to watch it from the stands. sitting through 138 degrees. today northern texas will hit triple digits for the 18th day in a row. abc's yunji de nies is here. >> reporter: here in lake arlington they're losing two inches of water in this lake every day. normally the water level would be above my head but now it's
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six feet below normal levels and dropping fast. >> reporter: in oklahoma, 911 calls captured the dire situation. >> we had a man go down due to the heat. he's sweating profusely. we can't get his breathing or heart rate to slow down. >> reporter: further north it was so intense it sent off smoke alarms from iowa to minnesota. this twins game, 50 fans like this woman have to be treated for heat exhaustion while i-94 seemed to pop right out of the highway. and folks really need to be careful about their cars. when it's 100 degrees outside your car can reach 140 degrees. park it in the sun, it can hit 170. that's more than enough to cook this steak well done. robin? >> ooh, that is secret to keep in mind, all right there, matt, thanks. let's turn to sam. what's so important for them to know about the heat index? >> the body can't cool itself with high humidity and high heat, 1995, in a five-day heat
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wave in chicago where it got to 118 degrees, 750 people died. that's how dire the numbers are. they look like big numbers and they're important, 128, 126. you rarely see heat index levels like this. your body can't exist in numbers like that for a long period of time and they're in the 90s overnight. high pressure continues to pump that heat all the way into the country right along the canadian border and moves into new england over the next couple of days. a little cold front brings a break to new york then right back to it but the rest of the nation is baking and we will talk about this intense heat with we come back with the rest of the nation's forecast. >> all right, sam, thank you very much and the heat is on in d.c. for another reason. >> that's right, the other numbers we're watching. the clock ticking on the deadline for washington to reach an agreement on raising the federal debt ceiling. unsee right there, 13 days and counting. it helped push the stock market to its lowest close in a month on monday. big surge in gold prices sending them to a record level so john
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berman with a closer look. >> reporter: the debt deadlock in washington could be the road to economic calamity but for now at least it's a yellow brick road. investors looking for a safe bet pouring their money into gold. sending it soaring past a record $1600 an ounce and sending eager necklace, ring and coin owners to cash in. in los angeles, they're dumping whatever they can to make an extra buck. >> i'll melt it and then get the little bar and turn it in for cash. >> at $1,600 an ounce are the prices too good to last? that's what we thought in march of 2008. bianna golodryga watched as a trip to a gold buyer netted a solid $3,300. at today's rate it would be worth $5,400. october, 2008, "good morning america" checked out a gold house party. then one woman's haul was $1,200
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bucks. now her trinkets would be worth $2,300. and just this april i watched a woman sell her ex-boyfriend's gold for a $6,000 payday. how do you feel about him now. >> so glad i went out with him. it was worth all the heartache now. >> reporter: now she would be feeling even better. the $6,000 payday in april would be 6,400 today. just a few months later. so with no debt deal we all might be facing the threat of economic doom and gloom. but for some sellers this week, gloom comes with a gleam. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. >> and for more now on the latest gold rush we're joined by mellody hobson, president of ariel investment. why are we seeing gold prices skyrocket? >> so this is what we call a fear trade. when fear is very high, gold is too and, of course, we know that's because people perceive gold to be very, very safe. and there is a lot of fear out there.
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we've got a trifecta of fear right now. we've got the debt ceiling issue. we've got the sovereign debt issue where basically countries have maxed out their credit cards and then, of course, we have the issues around the middle east and all the trim oil that's been there that have led to high gold price. >> they can't keep going up, can they. >> i don't think so. over the short term, maybe, maybe in advance of august 2nd, the big day on the debt ceiling. over the long term gold cannot a great investment. if we "x" out the last couple of years, 25 years before that it returned 4% a year. when you factor in inflation, that's a zero return. the stock market has done more than double that. the stock market has been and will be the better investment over the long term. >> okay. you can say all that but people just saw that report and they see how it's really continuing to go up and how people are making a lot of money. shh. people will want to buy gold. should they? >> i would not be a buyer of anything that's gone up over
7:13 am
100% in three years. the likelihood of it repeating, minimal. zero. it's not going to happen. i'd be a seller in this market so these commercials about selling your gold -- >> we see a lot of these -- >> i wouldn't do it through the infomercials but run down to my local jeweler and take the old gold and sell it. i wouldn't buy. >> i've seen it where people go and melt it down and they leave with like a little gold bar. >> right, gold is sold in troy ounces which is heavier than a regular ounce and, again, right now i'd be a seller. i don't think these prices will stay for the long term. >> i know you'll be back. i hated pop quizzes in school and you'll have a pop quiz for our audience a little later. oh, no. thanks a lot, mellody. for some other developing stories over to the news desk and say good morning to josh elliott. good morning, josh. >> good morning to you, robin. let's get to what's happening right now. we'll begin with the fight against al qaeda. u.s. officials now say that under its new leader, ayman al zawahiri who replaced osama bin
7:14 am
laden, the terror group can shifting its strategy. instead of focusing on attacking the u.s. homeland officials tell "the wall street journal" al qaeda is targeting american interests overseas in africa and europe where plots are thought to be easier to execute. meantime, abc news has learned that american born twist anwar awlaki barely escaped a missile strike in yemen. his truck emerged from the strike before he made his escape in a different vehicle. this morning the pope accepted the resignation of cardinal rigali and his handling of the sex abuse scandal, the 76-year-old cardinal resigned because of his age, not because he was accused of covering up for abusie ivive priests. another air traffic controller is in trouble with the law for allegedly drinking before work. abc's lisa stark is following the investigation and has the
7:15 am
very latest. good morning to you, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, josh. well, abc news has confirmed that a veteran controller working in colorado apparently failed a random alcohol test while he was on the job. now, this controller was working at denver center, that's a facility that handles airplanes over nine different states. this was first reported by our affiliate kmgh. they say the test occurred on july 5th and that the controller was then immediately relieved of his duties and has since entered alcohol rehabilitation. the faa tells us the controller is not right now no longer working air traffic while they continue their investigation. josh? >> thank you, lisa stark. meanwhile, gas prices are going up again. rising some 4 cents in the last week alone. the new average now across the nation, $3.68 per gallon. prices are expected to keep rising slowly through october. and history was made in space this morning. the shuttle "atlantis" undocked
7:16 am
from the international space station for the last time. astronauts left behind the u.s. flag that was flown on the first shuttle mission 30 years ago. the shuttle program ends thursday when "atlantis" arrives home. finally, well, you've hear of police cracking downn people who text while driving. but what about all those people who o n into you on the sidewalk because they're texting while walking? police in the so-called city of brotherly love plan to start ticketing pedestrians who can't take their eyes off their phones. >> what's next? >> walking while texting is soon going to be illegal and the fine, $120. >> they're going to rack up in the city. >> how many times have you been like, whoa. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars in times square alone. >> can i give you credit here because the world cup team was walking in behind you as you were wrappinin up the newscast and you kept your focus. look at them. they're here in the studio. and you never broke stride, josh
7:17 am
elliott. >> thank you. >> put your seat belt on. >> i want to offer a very first congratulations. you lifted a nation's spirits. yes. i just -- i might as well take advantage of that. after all i didn't break it. >> so great to have them. >> we'll talk to them in just a second. over to sam with the weather. hi, sam. >> good morning, robin, david, josh, good morning, everyone. let's deal with the heat index numbers, the number to pay attention to. it's the intense humidity and high heat combined that makes it so difficult on your body to cool itself. when these numbers started in like 90-degree heat index in minneapolis this morning then go to 107 degrees, it means you don't get a chance to ever cool your body down. and heat is your number one weather killer. this is serious stuff. anywhere where you see magenta, almost all over the country is a big-time problem and it will be this way this week into this weekend. quick look at where the thunderstorms will do some cooling and drop out of the great lakes and right through virginia, the new york city area will drop in temperature a bit tomorrow and everything north of it but the heat will come right
7:18 am
back up. just a temporary break.
7:19 am
>> all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. oh, robin. >> oh, sam, we are thrilled to have the entire u.s. women's world cup soccer team right here with us. we'll talk to them all just ahead. say hello to mom and dad. give them a wave. but abby wambach is going to join us, and she just, you know, first of all, can is we just have a little applause for this tremendous team and effort? all right, people. i'm telling you. abby, i'm looking in your eyes. it's bittersweet. you sat down and like oh, you know, it's got to be tough. >> it is hard. the bitter part is obviously not winning and not bringing home a cup for our country. and the sweet part is the reception that we've gotten all
7:20 am
across this nation. we got back here in times square yesterday. couldn't believe the crowds. it was amazing and honestly as tough as it is to lose, it's making us all feel a little bit better just knowing how much this country supported us. absolutely, and almost as if after every interview it becomes more real. but in the end we made so many people proud. i know that the e-mails, the text message, the tweeting that was happening. >> set a record. >> was impressive and i couldn't be prouder of this team because in the end we never gave up and i think that that's something to hold on to. >> giant homecoming this week. i'm a syracuse boy. heading to rochester. >> have a wps game wednesday and the whole city is just -- i think the city is shutting down so i'm really excited to get home. >> we'll have the team many y stick around and head out to times square. >> "good morning america" set. >> thanks, guys. thanks so much. coming up what really
7:21 am
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now maryland's most powerful dop lar radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. #:26 -- 7:26. we talked about the storm and it looked impressive and went gone. we got it west and southwest of
7:27 am
minister and locks like eldersburg missing out and it dried out up. 79 right now in baltimore. 77 york, p.a. low 80s on the heat index. we will push 95 and a risk of afternoon storms that could turn severe. here tonya with traffic. >> reporter: outer loop is slow from reisterstown road to frederick road. so be aware of that. you will have stop and go traffic. let's look at the jfx and see how things are moving along. this is at cold spring a little heavier traffic southbound to the right of the screen. we have debris in the road. 695 at stephenson road disabled vehicle the 5 -- 95 northboundafter the fort mchenry tunnel it's in the middle of the plaza and water main work bolt nor national pike westbound at johnnycake road. here's megan with the local news. thanks. good morning to you. a cheating scandal has been uncovered at baltimore's fire academy. chief clack has shut down the program that trains emts e says 20 students in same class got
7:28 am
ahold of the state exam before taking the test. it was found last month at the training facility on northern parkway. the test was the recruit's ability to care for injured patients. anyone involved with the training and testing and the class will be investigated. chief clack says that 20 students will be retested. we are out of time. now back to new york for "good morning america" but we will have weather, traffic and news updates all morning. have a wonderful ties and we will see you in a bit. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year. see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude!
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oh, my god, it's justin bieber. oh, my god. >> i'm used to hearing little girls say that. a grown man? >> i know. >> oh, my. so how would you react if justin bieber -- >> look at it, the groom embracing him. >> it was his big day. it was his wedding guests. a lot of guests at one wedding absolutely beside themselves when the pop star just suddenly showed up. strolling along the beach, just showed up. >> happens all the time. >> oh, it does. and that lucky couple right there about to get a little makeup, hair there. >> oh, my goodness, they're on their honeymoon. >> crash the honeymoon. >> why not. george is taking a little time off and david muir with us. >> the doll that may be too me
7:31 am
grown up, a real debate. we'll get into the breast milk baby doll and that's coming up. >> we'll let you weigh in on whether or not that is a good idea. more with team usa, usa, live here in times square with us this morning. i don't think they've ever been this quiet ever. >> i know. >> i think they're still on germany time. >> i did ask how much sleep they've had cumulatively. they said they're on germany time so woke up at 5:00 a.m. >> don't make me pull out the vuvuzela. i will go back to my room. first in this half hour, the mysterious death in a wealthy san diego neighborhood. her boyfriend's 6-year-old son also dying within a few days of her just days after he was seriously injured. abc's abbie boudreau has that
7:32 am
story. abbie? >> reporter: good morning, robin. family members are still in total shock about what happened in this mansion behind me. at this point they simply don't know what to believe. this is rebecca zahau and her boyfriend's 6-year-old son max sharing a happy moment. this morning they share a tragic connection. both died within days of each other after bizarre incidents. two separate tragedies in the sprawling 27-room mansion owned by jonah shacknai. the 54-year-old multimillionaire of medicis pharmaceutical, the company behind botox competitor restylane. they were spending the summer here. last monday zahau was home when max had an accident. paramedics went to the scene. >> they found the child at the foot of the stair, the child was not breathing and did not have a pulse. >> reporter: max was revived and hospitalized. just two days later zahau was
7:33 am
discovered hanging by a noose from the second floor balcony at the mansion found naked, wrists and ankles bound. shacknai wasn't home. his brother found her body and called police. investigators took evidence from the home but are still piecing together what happened. not sure yet if she was killed or if she killed herself. >> sometimes people commit suicide and they do very unusual things and we're wide open to all possibilities. >> reporter: but zahau's sister tells abc news rebecca wouldn't take her own life saying she was a beautiful, vibrant, loving and kind person and would never do this to herself. she said she dated him for nearly three years and they were a happy couple then on sunday, nearly a week after his accident, shacknai announced that max had died from his injuries. now the families are left to wonder just what happened in both deaths. and police are keeping quiet. still waiting for autopsy and toxicology reports for more clues.
7:34 am
shacknai was married twice before and his last marriage ended in a messy divorce where they both accused each other of domestic violence though neither one was ever arrested. david? >> all right, abbie, thanks very much. i want to bring back in dan abrams this morning. how do you even begin an investigation like this? >> acute primary issues will be number one cause of death and, number two, getting to know the relationships. getting to know how people felt about each other. getting to know was there any history there? so those are going to be the two primary focuses. >> the relationships inside won't be fanning out look for suspects. >> i don't think this is going to be a who done it. it's going to be a what happened here and that's a different kind of investigation when they want to know, for example, is it possible this was self-inflicted. that's going to be a question for the coroner. there will also be questions about would she have done this? could she have done this?
7:35 am
so those are two sets of questions that come together in an investigation like this. >> we already heard our first significant hint with the families now telling abc news she never would have taken her own life, not terribly surprising they would say that but that's a hint. >> family members very often do say that early in an investigation when something like this happens and sometimes they're absolutely right. but investigators can't take that as gospel. they can take that as another piece in the puzzle as they try and put together using their investigative techniques exactly what happened. >> dan abrams, thanks. sam? >> david, florida, the waves are taller than usual because we have a tropical storm off hobe sound. we're getting these reports up and down the coast. there's good surfing in the jupiter area but usually not this good. three to five to seven feet on the waves. watch it in the carolinas all the way around to, well, call it into as it pull as way and fall
7:36 am
as part. here's where the thunderstorms roar. any place shaded in red. montana drops from the great lakes all the way into the mid-atlantic state. it is hot and humid to the south of that. there's a little refreshing corner into the north of that and that >> all this weather was brought to you by choice hotels. robin? >> you know what's coming up? >> yeah. >> beautiful suit he's wearing. my favorite tweet of the morning. sam's looking like a southern preacher today. amen, brother. >> you get an amen. >> thank you, robin. >> because of the hot weather and want to think cool. >> thinking up a song "preacher man." coming up on "gma" --
7:37 am
he won't live that down. the surprise guest or spotlight stealer. what would you do if justin bieber crashed your wedding? coming up, the bride and groom. >> oh, my goodness. my contacts are so annoying. i can't wait to take 'em out. [ male announcer ] know the feeling? try acuvue® oasys brand contact lenses with hydraclear® plus for exceptional comfort. it feels like it disappeared on my eye! [ male announcer ] discover why it's the brand eye doctors trust most for comfort. acuvue® oasys brand. [ female announcer ] never let the sun catch you off guard.
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it's got real, sliced california almonds with a third less sugar per serving than honey nut cheerios. wow! delicious! try honey bunches of oats with almonds! the wedding crasher, justin bieber, and his girlfriend, selena gomez, taking a moonlit stroll in malibu. they hear one of his nearby hits blasting from a wedding reception.
7:41 am
it guess like this ♪ one less lonely girl >> one less lonely girl and all of a sudden there's one less lonely wedding. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: what could be more perfect, a beachfront malibu wedding, cocktails, justin bieber tunes filling the air and then -- >> oh, my god, it's justin bieber. oh, my god. >> reporter: that's right, the kid in the t-shirt is the real justin bieber. no invitation, no warning and no problem in this clip from tmz. >> so we just crashed it. we didn't really know what was going on. we heard a party so we decided to just come. >> reporter: he says he was going for a walk on the beach with his girlfriend selena gomez when he heard his own music blaring and decided to become the wedding crasher that few ever get, the kind people want. >> let's party. >> all of a sudden i felt like a tap on my shoulder. >> i started crying, i was like,
7:42 am
oh, my god. >> reporter: in a coincidence so strange we didn't even believe it at first, the bride's cousin an obsessed justin bieber fan had a surprise meeting with him. >> oh, my god, i love you. >> thank you. >> my cousin was screaming. i put my hand on my mouth. >> reporter: he didn't stick around long, only about five or ten minute, just enough to give the couple a one-of-a-kind wedding photo and bragging rights to one of the world's great wedding crasher stories. >> justin, justin bieber, what are you going to do next? >> i'm going to disneyland. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news. >> first live appearance, congratulations. thanks for getting up and jenin, wh what do you do when you see
7:43 am
justin bieber at your wedding. >> i have to say i was very surprised. i don't think anybody anticipated a celebrity sighting. >> your name is mccool. i got to say most dudes on their wedding day are feeling pretty studly. some of the guys at the wedding, this was their reaction. >> oh, my god, it's justin bieber. oh, my god! >> how do you explain that? there were no screaming girls. it seemed like the guys were going nuts. >> that's my good friend howard. he's 39 years old and apparently he was catching bieber fever at my wedding. >> howard just got thrown under the bus. i wanted to ask you, i wanted to ask you, we're not crashing your honeymoon, are you? >> no, we actually leave tomorrow for a mini moon, i'm going to graceland, not disneyland and do a big honeymoon in australia come december. >> we couldn't help but to miss the super bieber fan.
7:44 am
he visited her house and saw the video. a lot of folks will say how does this happen twice in the same family? >> i just have to say that paige is a very lucky girl. her enthusiasm is just unbridled and so i think that her having the opportunity to meet justin twice was very exciting for her and my other young kous sdmrn a crazy coincidence here? >> it must have been. >> yeah, no, there is definitely no setup there. we were as shocked as anyone to see justin bieber kind of scamp per by. i was wiping cake off my face to see him come running by, it was very thrilling. >> what celebrities do you have lined up for the honeymoon? >> i think a bunch of elvis impersonators is about as close as we'll get to seeing celebrities. >> that sounds about right. >> thanks for being great sports and congrats. hey, that's a pretty impressive
7:45 am
wedding reception if ever i saw one. a lot more coming up on "good morning america." when you lie, there's no place to hide. the anchor who got caught. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keeping my airways open... ...a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free. spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor right away if your breathing suddenly worsens,... ...your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain,... ...or problems passing urine.
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7:49 am
♪ i always feel like >> "around the watercooler." an anchch's worst nightmare. >> working with me. >> no. you've got all the right questions and going to your big guest and then this happens. abc's nick watt has much more.g >> reporter: the story is that roger clemens' trial, the live guest, ben walker, baseball writer. >> ben, i know that you've been covering roger clemens' career for the best part of the last 23 years. just remind us how big a name he is in the sport of baseball. >> between you and me that's not ben walker. it's michael wolf expecting to
7:50 am
talk about rupert murdoch. >> i beg your pardon. i'm not sure ben can hear us. can you hear me. it's francis in london. >> you know, it's even a worse situation than that because i am not ben walker and i know nothing about baseball. >> fabulous. live tv, stuff happens. >> what's gone wrong in your offer? >> i'm afraid this is not what i'm talking about. i'm not -- >> i'm afraid we have the wrong guest here. >> most wrong guests are polite. >> what's the problem at the moment. >> in iraq? >> with the football fans. >> oh, sorry. you've got the wrong one. >> my favorite, this guy showed up at the bbc for a job interview and was whisked on air. >> guy kuni is editor of the website. good morning. >> good morning. >> people are downloading on -- >> others run away. >> education department is john
7:51 am
bangs, central london studios. he was in our central london studios. >> i like michael wolf's approach. bold, brash, honesty. >> because i am not ben walker and i know nothing about baseball. >> oh. >> i love how the guy just gets up and walks out of the shot. >> how about the poor guy in there for a job interview. >> entertaining the question. >> yes. >> you're hired. >> de get it? he should it. >> it doesn't just happen abroad. >> on a daily basis. >> coming up, more with team usa. they're all here live in times square. come on back. [ male announcer ] it has an hd webcam for flattering video chats, awesome audio, and lids that switch to match your mood. but mostly it helps me keep an eye on my boyfriend. even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend. yet. [ male announcer ] powered by the 2nd gen intel core processor family.
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. it's 7:56. in the mix of heat and humidity we had an interesting morning. a flare-up of a shower or storm blowing through mount airy cooling air down briefly but 78 westminster and it skirted to the west of westminster and looked like it was on target for the baltimore beltway but had fallen apart. by the way, south side of the betway -- battleway -- beltway, 87 in glen burnie and we will go up from here. a boundary passing through.
7:57 am
a blip on the radar most of the action back into the mountains but there will be more support for showers and storms to fire up this afternoon which would help provide some brief relief. some storms severe mid afternoon through the evening. 93 as the two degree guaranteed high and i said brief relief because we will slip into the mid-70s with more mugginess and a chance of a overnight storm and cranking the heat up upper 90s taking us the rest of the reek. -- week. traffic with tonya. >> reporter: harford county an accident pulaski highway at route 715. getting congestion 95 southbound approaching the 895 split. let's look at the beltway now. we are moving okay here 695 at liberty road. outer loop to the left inner loop to the right. no incidents to report here. that's good news. we do have a few accidents, though, 295 at annapolis road in the city. also boston street at fleet street that's an accident with injuries and that may be there for a while. baltimore national pike westbound at johnnycake road, we have water main work going
7:58 am
on there for sometimes since yesterday. left turn lane is blocked there. we have some congestion and the northwest side of the beltway and the southwest side of the beltway. now back to new york and "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ so wonderful to have the u.s. women's world cup team here with us and you can see the little faces lighting up, david. they're excited to meet -- >> you have to know josh is right there. >> the girls in the yellow jerseys took a picture with h he solo and scrambled away and said, oh, my god, that's the best moment of my life. >> oh. >> that is incredible. >> said they were tweeting and signing autographs and set a twitter record during the world
8:01 am
cup. >> over 7,000 tweets a second. i do believe 6,000 of them might have been mine. >> yeah. >> and it was also the most watched soccer match in the history of espn. almost 14 million. most ever. we'll have a lot more with abby wambach and the entire team usa. it's great. >> to hear that song. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. of course, the camera comes on, ready to do the news. >> so with josh along is david muir. to do the news. george is off somewhere. we're following ally's tweets. we know what's going on. >> a lot coming up. team usa and this doll about to go on sale stirring up conversation as if twitter wasn't on fire, wait till this half hour. we ask is this doll too grown up for play time? >> we'll put that question to you and ask you. also still ahead, when you buy in bulk at the supermarket
8:02 am
are you really getting a bargain when they say buy three, get one free. we'll crunch the numbers for you. i've always wondered about that. >> i love those stores so i hope it bodes well for me. set for three years. first josh. tie straightened. ready to go. what's important now and we'll begin with rupert murdoch. he's arrived at british parliament. his car mobbed by photographers as he prepares to testify about the massive phone hacking and bribery scandal that now threatens to bring down his entire media empire. lawmakers want to know when murdoch and others knew that their reporters were hacking into the voice mails of murder victims and the royal family while bribing police for stories. murdoch's board of directors says that it stands by him despite reports that he may, in fact, step down. meanwhile, the terrorist network once led by osama bin ladenle may be changing its strategy. u.s. officials say that al qaeda's new leader ayman al zawahiri wants to shift focus away from attacking the u.s.
8:03 am
homeland and focus instead on attacking american interests in africa and europe, which are believed to be easier targets. eight months after the nation's largest banks promised to change their ways there is, in fact, new evidence that workers in the mortgage industry are still signing documents that they have not read using fake signatures to boot. the process is called robo signing. it led to a nationwide suspension of home foreclosures, now officials in at least three states say they have uncovered thousands of new mortgage documents with questionable signatures. and groundbreaking news from the insurance industry. cars with a new automatic braking system may help to dramatically reduce the number of fender benenrs and other crashes that costs big money. elisabeth leamy took an exclusive driving and braking test. >> reporter: this car is only going six miles per hour. but just look at the damage done. >> altogether we're talking here, the headlamp, the hood,
8:04 am
the grill and everything, over $4,000 in damage. >> reporter: low speed rear enders are the most common kind of crash and volvo's safety system may be the solution. okay, you guys are ready. cruising down the test track at ten miles an hour i deliberately take my eyes off the road like a distracted driver but an infrared sensor senses the vehicle in front of me and it firmly applies the brakes. okay, and there we go. take a closer look. i fight the urge and keep my foot far away from the brake. once again the vehicle stops itself. a good 12 inches before impact. a dashboard message alerts me that city safety kicked in. is this the next big thing? >> well, we think it is the next big thing. we want to prevent crashes before they happen if we can and we do have a lot of new technology like volvo's city safety that can help drivers to avoid crashes. >> by comparing insurance claims
8:05 am
from volvos that are equipped with city safety to other cars that are not, the institute determined that the system eliminates more than a quarter of low-speed crashes. >> there is always the risk that the technology could make a mistake, but it's much more likely that a human could make a mistake because we're all so easily distracted. >> reporter: volvo will stake city safety standard in four models by 2012. meanwhile, other car companies are racing to bring their own futuristic self-braking technology into the present. for "good morning america," elelabethleamy, abc news rutgersville. >> diane sawyer with a preview of "world news." >> tonight we are going to continue to crack the code for a happy retirement. the rules rewritten, boomers setting all those goals. tonight, how some married couples are transforming this phase living apart but together? what do we mean?
8:06 am
it's tononht on "world news." >> that's a look at the headlines at about six past the hour. robin and david. >> you really want to pay attention to this nextxt story. your little girl is almost 3 years old. a story "gma" first told you about earlier this year, the controversial doll that lets children pretend to breast feed. it is called breast milk baby. it's been popular in europe for awhile now and coming here to the u.s. we have one of the actual dolls right here in the studio but first there's andrea cans and she has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning. there will be a quiz on this afterwards. this is the doll in question right here. the spanish company that makes breast milk baby is planning to show it at the las vegas toy fair at the end of the month. whether they can find a distributor to put it on the shelves is another story because while they say it teaches nurturing skills parents and critics think it's too much too soon. take a look. >> show me how you feed the baby. >> reporter: the doll that teaches little mommies in
8:07 am
training how to get their own little ones to latch on continues to stir up big controversy. it's called the breast milk baby and it may be in stores near you soon. >> i just want the kids to be kids and this kind of stuff -- i don't know. we don't need this. >> grace will pretend to breast feed and i think that's fine. >> but i don't know if i want to see grace with this baby up sucking on her -- >> the company video shows a 6-year-old girl attaching the doll's mouth to a flower on a special halter to imitate bre t breast-feedi breast-feeding. it's meant to teach nurturing skills. >> she's going to think breast-feeding is the normal way to feed the baby. >> she even sucks and cries and can be burped. >> what's your favorite part. >> breast feed. >> reporter: breast-feeding. you feel like a real mommy? yeah. >> reporter: not everyone thinks the baby is so cute.
8:08 am
>> a breast-feeding doll? kind of bizarre. >> i think that's something they learn when it comes time to do that i don't want to put those thoughts in her mind prematurely. >> reporter: and the divided comments just keep coming in. one viewer wrote, betsy wetsy dolls sold like hotcakes when they first came out. those who complain about this doll are pretty simple-minded. another said "i am all for breast-feeding but this is gross. let kids be kids for heaven's sake." can this force them to grow up too soon. >> i don't think it's sexual other than a little boy standing next to his father and shaving and putting on shaving cream. if you beat the kid over the head with the dog is the only way to harm the child. >> it could be on the shelves by september. i told you there would be a quiz. >> okay. >> so it attaches and it sucks on the little halter that goes around the girl's neck as you w in the piece. >> that's the quiz.
8:09 am
>> and you can burp. >> it makes all those sounds. >> you have two adorable little daughters and charlie. would you want them to play with this. >> you know, i wouldn't stop them. >> burping. >> i wouldn't stop them from playing with it but i wouldn't -- i don't think i would go out and buy the doll for them. >> but if you saw them playing with it, you wouldn't be like, no, no. >> i don't think so because they imitate what they see their mom doing. >> thank you. thank you. >> time for to you weigh in. would you buy the breast milk baby for your daughter? vote now using the "gma" app on your iphone or android phones or head to our website at >> can you pass that baby over? the baby needs to be burped. >> at least you didn't ask for this. that's when i was really going to worry. >> what was that sound? anyway -- >> let's get outside. always with the people outside. >> we're having too much fun. soccer pandemonium downstairs. how many autographs did you get?
8:10 am
we counted, what, 11. >> and you got two pages' worth. >> 13. >> wait a minute, you got flag, t-shirts signed. ladies of all ages, you got what -- >> you got the ball. >> got the whole team. >> i love this moment let's get to the boards. one or two things going on as you head outside your doors. in st. paul it is steamy, it is human. here's a term you don't often hear in that part of the country. that air mass is juicy. it is going to feel like it is just saturated. like you're standing in a sauna in fargo, minneapolis, st. louis, the numbers are hot and humidity levels are insane. just take it easy in that part of the country. much cooler into the northwest. in everett, washington, it hasn't even gotten to 75 degrees once this summer. hasn't gotten there once. might be the place to be.
8:11 am
>> here's what's ahead on the "gma" morning menu. settle in. are you in control of just how sexy your young daughter appears or is her dance team with the costume, the sexy dance moves? you'll want to watch is this story if you have a young girl at home. team usa day. gang, give out a cheer. and mellody's money pop quiz. how about a quiz that puts money in your wallet today? we'll have that on "gma." [ female announcer ] are you and your dry hair not getting along?
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8:16 am
well, you've likely heard of the competitive pageant moms on "toddlers and tiaras" now. "dance moms" and like the child beauty circuit some critics question whether the pressure those moms place on their kids is just too much. and whether their children's dance moves are too sexy too soon. abc's bianna golodryga traveled to a dance competition in las vegas to find out. >> hip, hip. >> reporter: they're sassy, they're dedicated and they can contort their bodies in most ways people would find impossible. meet these girls ranging in age from 6 to 13. but this is not just about the tiny dancers. this is also about their moms. in fact, the new lifetime show
8:17 am
is called "dance moms." a group of pittsburgh mothers who at times can make the moms of toddlers and tiaras look like laid back parents. >> if vivi says she wants to play solve ball, i'll probably slit my wrist. >> do not do this to my kid. >> out. >> reporter: there is only one woman who can keep the girls and their moms in check. >> girls, don't look at your mothers. i am the coach. i am the teacher. >> reporter: abby lee miller. more like drill sergeant than dance coach abby's no holds bar coaching style puts them through intense boot camp classes. sometimes more than four hours a day turning little girls into big dancing sensations. but it comes with a hefty price tag. classes, wardrobe and travel can run upwards of $20,000 a year. >> when you leave my studio, you can go immediately to disney world in orlando, you can go -- move to new york city and get a broadway show right out of high school.
8:18 am
you can go to vegas and be a showgirl. >> reporter: we caught up with the coach, her pupils and their moms in las vegas where the group is competing in the thunder struck dance tour. when do you have time to play or be a kid? >> never. >> as long as i'm having fun and i still like my friends, i don't care. >> reporter: do you ever feel like sometimes you want to say leave me alone. >> yes, a lot. >> reporter: and what does your mom say in response. >> she says, i'm just trying to help you. >> reporter: these tiny dancers are here to compete and this brings out the competitive spirit in their dance moms. >> everybody always wants to be on the top. usually if you're on top of the pyramid you're in the front line. >> reporter: it seems like some of the moms are even jealous of one little dancer, maddie, the strongest dancer of the group. >> she is probably chloe's biggest competition. chloe's biggest competition is in her own backyard. >> reporter: do you think your
8:19 am
moms are over the top? >> what do you mean by that? >> reporter: are they too involved. >> they're just like normal dance moms. >> i think every dance mom would do that. >> just make them look crazy. >> reporter: crazy or not the pressure cooker of the dance life can cause stress at home. >> my ex-to-be has claimed that dance has ruined our marriage. >> reporter: and at school. >> i find myselves at times putting dance before school and it's probably not right. >> reporter: one of the biggest kritisms they face is the sexy costumes and makeup are too much for these young girls. what do you feel when people make a comparison between this and "toddlers and tiaras." >> that's one glimpse of their whole experience. >> my husband supports my daughter very much. he doesn't always agree that she's in the right place. >> reporter: he doesn't like fake eyelashes. >> there is nothing my husband hates more than watching his
8:20 am
little girl dress unlike a little girl. >> reporter: the only thing miss abby cares is about turning out winners. any time she makes you cry. >> yes, a lot. >> reporter: she makes your moms cry too. i've seen the video. >> reporter: she is an intimidating lady. i'm going to let miss abby teach me a few things. bad move. >> all: yeah. >> reporter: too late for that. do you have my back? one piece of advice for miss abby. >> don't cry if she yells at you. >> don't contradict her. >> reporter: am i too late. >> no, you're never -- >> i'm about 28 years older than the average age. >> i'm beginning to think this is a mistake. ♪ >> reporter: but there was no way i could keep up with these dancing queens. >> wow. >> reporter: is that even legal? for "good morning america,"
8:21 am
bianna golodryga, abc news, las vegas. >> bianna, i think your mom is on the phone now. i got to take the call back there. very brave of you and send us a tweet. we're reading them. josh and robin downstairs with moms who clearly did something right r right for these women. >> that's right, david. we are here with a team that lifted the country up. it was world cup run for the ages. it fell just this short but they've decided to grace us with their presence and we are happy to have the members of the u.s. -- >> the entire -- >> the entire team is here. >> i would say they need to introduction but we'll introduce them. >> roll call. >> carli lloyd, number 10. >> alex morgan, number 13. >> heather o'reilly, number 9. >> tobin heath, number 17. >> i'm number 2, heather myths. >> number 11, ali krieger.
8:22 am
>> lori lindsey, number 16. >> stephanie cox, number 14. >> amy lepeilbet, number 6. >> lauren cheney, number 12, number 19, rachel buehler. >> nicole barnhart, number 18. >> amy rodriguez, number 8, forward. >> hope solo, number 1. >> number 3, christie rampone. >> number 15, megan rapinoe. >> i do want to start with you, hope solo, number one. you're competitors and i know robin talked to abby about it earlier. how bittersweet is this moment for you and for all of you
8:23 am
gentleman. >> you know, the dust is still settling. it was a very emotional experience. we feel like it was history in the making. we came so far and such a milestone for women's sports so coming back to america and doing all the interviews, we tasted victory. we were that close but didn't quite fulfill our dreams but i think america can celebrate in that. >> have you had time to reflect on the game and those chances? i mean that goalpost and crossbar especially in the first half, how do you assess it? >> you know, we had a chance to win the game. obviously we're all disappointed, but we have to find something good in what we did because the reception, the amazing reception we've gotten here back in the state, times square here, "good morning america," we couldn't be more proud. obviously it is bittersweet but in the end we have to take what we can take out of it and i think we inspired a nation. >> yes, you did. yes, you absolutely did. i got to ask you this, abby, of
8:24 am
course, now with the goals that you scored, the most of any woman in world cup history for america, 122 international goals. [ cheers ] >> 40% of those goals are headers. what is your technique? >> i don't know. i think i'm a lot dumber the older i've gotten. but, no, i think that i'm just courageous. i'm a bit taller than a lot of other players on the teams we play but mostly it's about the service. i couldn't do it without the service. heather owe really and megan rapinoe and lauren cheney. >> i want to ask you about that. abby's got one more. abby's got one more. it was the iconic moment. the move forward against brazil in those final moments and megan, you're the fire starter. good things happened when you were on the pitch. can we relive that moment one more time when you snatched it when it was that far from slip
8:25 am
ago way. >> it was just amazing. i don't think you can even replay. i'll probably never do anything like that again in my life. it was just -- hopefully i will. >> did you know that it was good? >> as i saw kind of the flight of the ball i was like, oh, my god. i got a chance. i mean it was unbelievable. >> and, you're a true soccer, mom, christie. you have a 5-year-old and 1-year-old. i remember you from the '99 team. what was it like for you going back. >> amazing. started my career off in '95 and my last world cup, team special, 21 girls here represented the country well, couldn't be prouder of them and been a great warm welcomingack home. >> you see t tse little faces that are looking up at all of you. and just so enthralled. a lot of people want to know how do you keep this going? this thing, soccer in the country and having all these people coming out and supporting the game that you all so love,
8:26 am
hope. >> it's easy to keep it going because we play to win. we play with so much passion and luckily we have thelympics in 12 months so we have to turn around quickly and coming back for a gold and come back hard and come back to fight and hopefully we'll bring back a gold next summer. >> speaking of coming back, speaking of coming back, abby, you know, there's a lot of talk that perhaps it might be your last. perhaps 2015 will be, so what do you got. >> if i'm walking in four years we'll see. >> well, thank you all. thank you all. >> thank you, sererusly. thank you very much. [ cheers ]
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 8:27. i apologize. but at 8 in the morning, it's 83 degrees in baltimore. it's 81 in east op and up towards york, p.a. and hook at the heat index value. 88. this's nothing good about that. and it's going up from here. we have had storms try to fire up back into the mountains a brief shower at carroll county and clouds will disburse and we will get more sun. little boundary will slip south of the region and trigger the chance of severe thunderstorms this afternoon but it's about the humidity and the temperatures reaching about 93. even hotter for the rest of the week. check on the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: the outer loop is slow topside between bel air road and york road.
8:28 am
off and on you will run into the slowdowns. we are slowing down on jones fall expressway. looking at the j-fx from the west 41st street overpass. southbound to the right that's been slowing down on and off heading downtown. no incidents though. we have a couple incidents 295 at annapolis for an accident in the clean jump stages and boston at fleet street injuries cleaning up. charley. >> thanks. today a 15-year-old girl is going to be in court setting to stand trial for murder. she shot oho hay say gonzales coreas and another man after they leafed at her because she was so young. gonzales-coreas died a week later after being hit in the head. she was 14 at the time. the judge denied to have the case trilled in juvenile court. as always you can remember abc2 news is with you at now back to "good morning america" have great day. @póo
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome our good friend, speaking of smooth, he's passing out some smoothies.d friend, to kind of cool us down these dog days of summer. >> really good. >> can we move that up in the rundown? >> i think the last time i was here he was giving us the comfort food. now he's telling us how to take calories out of it. they're all gone already. smiling young faces in the crowd. >> i love that look with rocco, though. >> stand down. >> he's a lucky man. very lucky man. lots to get to including the buy one get one free and david is walking down to the stores with
8:31 am
the -- he's ready for a decade. >> is it really a good deal? becky worley crunched the numbers. interesting results. >> now we'll talk about saving money.y. sometimes we think about that with the buy one, get one free and so mellody hobson, you know, she's taught us about this, how should we manage our money and save it and invest it. she went running through the streets of times square yet again and will have a pop quiz. got to get ready because mellody will have a pop quiz but first let's see what happens when she hits the streets. >> our mellody hobson is at it again. >> can i ask you some financial questions? >> no. >> no. i could really help you. >> bring walkers to a stop. >> can i ask you a couple financial question. >> sure. >> for the ultimate pop quiz. >> one. >> yes. >> it's time for mellody's "money quiz."
8:32 am
introducing today's competitors. >> john versus daniel, marcella and cassandra and monique against 14-year-old jake. >> yes. >> how long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report? >> ten years. >> seven to ten years. that's very good. you know that from experience. >> no, no, thank god, no. >> what percentage of your income should you not exceed when it comes to paying for your house? >> 10%. >> 40%. >> 35%. >> 20%. >> close, but no sigar. >> it's 30. >> what does gdp stand for. >> government deficiency -- >> gross domestic product. >> what is it? >> the amount of -- >> all the services in a country
8:33 am
in a year. >> very good. >> last question. there was a super woman, i mean i just think the world of her. her name is mellody hobson and she talks about how many credit cards you should have in your wallet. what does she say the magic number is. >> you should have two. >> two. >> six. >> aaagh! >> i would say one. >> one. >> he buzzed first. one. hey. a crown, you go. >> the financial gold crown. gold is selling at all-time highs these days. you need a little more work to do. following the great advice of mellody hobson. do you know who mellody hobson is? no. >> is that real gold in those crowns? >> of course not. >> in the first half hour, i digress. mellody is here again and going
8:34 am
to share wisdom with us. a pop quiz for our audience. are you ready. i'm going to ask you some questions. you have paddles. true or false, all right. ready for the first one dealing with your 401(k). you cannot withdraw money from your 401(k) until you retire, true or false? >> all: false. >> okay, so as we said, true. you are incorrect if you said false which everyone did, you are a's correct. of course, i don't recommend this at all. i think retirement money should be sacred and if you take the money out early for a hardship withdrawal you pay a huge penalty, 10% plus taxes. not a good idea. >> you are some smarty pants here. let's see how you do on the second question. i need my harry potter cheaters. by law you can get your credit report for free once a year from all three credit agencies. true or false. >> all: true.
8:35 am
>> we're on fire. >> you said true, you're e correct. if you said false, you're incorrect. okay, and most people said true. congress has mandated this to protect us from identity thieves once a year you can get access to all credit reports. forget the other things you see. they cost you but is where it's free. >> only true free one. >> that's right. >> all right. you're 2-2. let's see if you continue with that gold star. this might trick you up. if your bank is fdic ensured all of your accounts at that bank are insured up to $150,000. $150,000. true or false? >> all: false. >> we got a true, false. >> okay. if you said false, you are correct. if you said, true -- if you said true you're incorrect. >> what is it. >> $250,000.
8:36 am
>> $250,000. this happened after the financial crisis. checking accounts, cds, if you're at an fdic insured bank. >> thanks, mellody for imparting your wisdom on us. you guys, you still get a gold star. "a" plus. so congratulations on passing this. i was nervous about this. ding, ding, ding. how did you do, scam. >> if you have a crisp $5 bill, sam will put you on television, true or false? no, no, no, i'm just kidding. true. absolutely true. but i want a new one. it's my monene and i want melloy now. that's my new chant. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know. the heat is seriously on and your twitter pictures are in to show it to us. mcallen, texas, when you see 118 on the dashboard that's not playing around so take it easy this those areas all the way up to the canadian border that heat will be roaring, not just the heat but this incredibly high humidity levels that just make
8:37 am
it impossible for your body to cool down. so we know there's going to be a little break in the new york city area all the way to providence answer boston tomorrow but today you still have those warm numbers. the thunderstorms will roll in that area shaded in red to the mid-atlantic and then that moves back north so the heat back in by the end of the week and roars into new england at that point. >> coming up next right here on "gma," is it big saifrings or is it a big come on? it's a new supermarket thing that may actually make you spend more money. we'll find out the truth right [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable. it was crazy! paying so much you want better quality. it was like you were trapped because that was the only system that was in our neighborhood -- was that cable. i was just getting too frustrated. [ male announcer ] stop paying for second best.
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and we're back on a tuesday morning here on "good morning america."e're back on a tuesday huge crowd here on a hot tuesday morning, right? and we're going to turn now to the deal tass stores often offff to get you to spend more, you know, it all starred with the buy one get one free.
8:41 am
now it's about buying in bulk, buying bigger. i permanently love those stories but becky worley digs in. when you buy 10 or 15 of something are you really saving your money? here's becky. >> reporter: the caveman's brain didn't need many numbers. was it four lions chasing him or seven and did she need 26 more coconuts to survive or as many as possible? ♪ >> reporter: our brain is still a little fuzzy with math. and stores use that to confuse us with numbers in the hopes we'll buy more. >> the better the value, the better the discounts that the grocer can offer, the more the consumer is likely to fall and buy and spend more while in stores. >> reporter: so here are some tricks to recognize when stores are pushing you to buy mass quantities and stockpile like a caveman. first they offer what i call the 10 for 10 deal.
8:42 am
>> just because it's 10 products for $10, it doesn't mean that you need to buy all 10. you could still buy one and benefit from the deal and the discount. >> reporter: next math trick, the bogo or buy one, get one free. >> the math and breakdown and price per unit gets overlooked quickly. >> reporter: finally the limited offer or scarcity trick. when an offer and ad or circular says limited supply, only four per customer, we think, that must be a really good deal. so good that the store has to prevent a run on the item so if you see a store pushing a bulk buy, a buy one, get one or a limited offer, just calm your inner caveman and only buy what you need. becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> our thanks to becky for that. coming up next, dispirito is here. he brought back the cards. i got killed last time you were
8:43 am
here. >> you did. you lost. >> i'm back. i'm back.
8:44 am
8:45 am
i know they're sending in a ringer. rocco is here this morning. more on his book, "the new york times" best-seller "now eat this diet." you've got to be dieting with food that tastes good and is worth it, right? >> you can't taste what you're missing. if you're tasting what you're missing, it's the wrong kind of diet food. >> you brought back the carbs. >> i wanted to give you a shot to redeem yourself. >> you're going to show -- >> he was slaughtered by robin. >> thank you. >> the last time. >> glad you could recap. >> and beaten down to a pulp.
8:46 am
>> elliott here is rolling up his sleeves. >> i'm ready. fully ready. >> take us through the game. we've got to guess which category -- >> so making a couple t tngs you might make in the summertime, a burger, some grilled corn and a smoothie and these are dishes in their original calorie forms are very bad for you, high calorie, high fat but i've made them healthy. burgers, premade patty that is are frozen or premade fresh have a lot of fat in them as much as 80% can come from fat and very popular frozen burgers so the best thing to do is get your own ground meat that's at least 96% lean and make your own patty. >> yes. >> who makes their own patty, by the way? better, right? saves the money. >> much leaner. yes. >> let's see what you got. >> then the other part of the burger is the sauce. that's where you can go wrong. i make my own, low fat
8:47 am
mayonnaise, sugar free relish and low sugar ketchup and this is my special sauce that tastes a lot like everyone's favorite burger sauce. >> low fat mayonnaise truly low fast or less f f -- >> it's about 60% less than the rerelar and we have a recipe for low fat mayonnaise that uses yogurt as a base. you could use instead of that all natural greek yogurt. this goes on the burger and, of course, i have a whole wheat bun, i have 2% slice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes. >> the category this falls into. >> you're saying 150 to 250 and josh is saying. >> 250 to 350. >> yeah, josh. >> the original calorie count of this burger is 850 calories. that's half a day's worth of calories. after the making it is 358
8:48 am
calories. both of you are wrong. >> next up, the corn. >> from 850 to 368, that's significant. when you taste it, you'll see it still tastes good. mexican corn, one of my favorite things in the whole world. you had it at cafe havana and i had it downtown as well. grill it on the grill in the husk so it's covering the corn then you -- when it's all dark and brown pull the husk make and make a chili mayo and put it on the corn then sprinkle mexican parmesan reggiano. mexican corn started at 265. what is it now. >> 75 to 150. >> for the tie. >> the rocco makeover the mexican corn is 158. both of you are wrong.
8:49 am
>> so far it's a tie game. >> don't let him get the goal in overtime. >> then you've got the smoothie. >> one of the best things to eat, an all around snack especially for breakfast is the smooooie. my favorite kinds are ones that boost metabolism, the way this boosts it is with fruits, pineapple and water mellening, all natural greek yogurt, no flavor in here. if there's jelly at the bottom, it's not what you want. >> takes the flavor of the fruit now. >> lime juice and agave nectar. do you like tequila? the way you get a metabolic boost is using green tea powder available in health store, online, that goes in. that little bit of green tea powder will get youou metabolis going in a serious way. >> wow.
8:50 am
>> we're going to blend that for a little while. now, let's see. >> we start this out. >> originally 612 calories. >> so i'll say -- i'm going to say 150. >> feels like "the price is right." >> 300. >> going for an all-time tie. >> what do we got? >> 300. >> taste it to see if you change your mind. >> this smoothie is originally 612 calories. it is now -- >> you give me a chance to -- >> after the rocco makeover, only -- >> 176 calories. >> youou let him score a goal i overtime. >> no! >> and we'll be right back. >> we'll need another rematch.
8:51 am
♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go.
8:52 am
[ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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what did i tell you? >> but, wait. there's more.i tell you? something i've been waiting for. they're known as mary mary, two of the biggest stars in gospel music. will you please welcome erica campbell and da -- >> yay. >> david, sam, josh.
8:54 am
>> the reason i wanted you to stop by, you are teaming up with the american red cross. have you a beautiful new video out that we're going to debut right here. but tell me how it came about, erica. >> with all the disasters that have gone on, spring, summer, we wanted to partner with something and do something that could impact people to encourage them. i believe hope changes lives and red cross is hope and so we partnered with them and talk about overcoming and making it through sosoe believe that it was a perfect match. >> you know, it's amazing when sad things happen sometimes the focus is the sadness. it's wonderful to focus on the people overcoming and making it through and helping others. that's what this video celebrates and red cross has made all the difference in the world because they're right there when things are going on. >> always there first. >> oh, absolutely. >> y'all want to see a little bit of this? no, no, no. i want to see a little bit of
8:55 am
the video. i want to hear it up loud. ♪ sometimes my company separate from the love ♪ ♪ i suppose i didn't have a guarantee but what was big ♪ >> ah, that's why you've sold millions of albums. one grammy. the new b.e.t. award for best gospel grammy. before we go, do you have an announcement you'd like to -- >> yes, i would. me and my husband are expecting our third child. i'm having another baby. >> congratulations. >> and you will survive this. >> and i will survive this, three kids. >> i love the colors that you wear. >> thank you. >> it's summertime. >> i know. something big is the new album. i've already downloaded it. uplifting, got me through a very difficult time in my life and now i work out to it. >> all ririt. >> that's it. thanks for what you're doing
8:56 am
with the american red cross. >> thanks for coming on and we know that the team uptown is working on "world news" tonight. check it out. robin, you killed me last time so i gave the game to josh. >> i ithat what you all did? you see what very to put up with. >> calorie king. >> the king is good. >> thanks for watching, everyone. we'll be back tomorrow. have hey great tuesday. mary mary. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate.
8:57 am
justments away from 9. and what -- just minutes away from 9. and what is stifling weather. we have watched a few showers up around mount airy and fall apart in carroll county and not much relief if anything it seems to steam up the air a little more. this morning's temperatures in mount airy 84, 82, back in towson at 86 leading the charge right now in glen burnie. you are beat by chestertown at 87 with heat index values into the 90s. it's going to be a very uncomfortable and dangerous day as we have higher humidity combined with the warm temperatures this morning. but there is a frontal bondry and a possibility that as this slips through the area there may be another tryinger to help develop showers and storms even though it look as if the cloud line is about to slide through the area. the high thin cloud. we will develop showers and storms with the slight risk of them turning severe today. our two degree guarantee gets to us 93. humidity may slow down the
8:58 am
warming process. but this possibility that we do surge a little higher than this. getting the storms may contain damaging winds and large hail but don't spend too much time outside breathing will be difficult with higher pollution and a good mind on your pets don't leave them outdoors too long as well. back down to about 74. now that's a wide range because i do think temperatures downtown by the bay may hold closer to 80 and it will be more muggy and an overnight storm possible. tomorrow temperatures warm up and we hit the high 90s to near 100 and we will be within a few degrees of 100 by the end of the week into the weekend. and i think the warmest day is on friday scattered showers and storms over the weekend. and we will pull it back to near 90 by next week. catch more online at
8:59 am

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